Thank You

I would like to thank my friends and family who have supported me throughout this process of writing, editing and publishing. It is very exciting to announce to people who have known and loved you most of your life that you have accomplished something out of the ordinary. Their faces light up and they are genuinely happy for your achievement. That makes everything worth the time and energy it took to get there. It makes the it fun also.

When you tell them that the story has bits of things you saw or went through during your life as a kid or young adult, they want to share in that. I had more fun remembering the family gatherings, birthdays, holidays and play times; these all hold a special place in my heart.

I am one of nine children and the funniest thing that is happening since the book’s publishing, is the weird stories and rumors I hear. One sibling told me that he heard that everyone’s name was in the book but theirs. Another one wanted to see who faces were in the drawn pictures and if they were one of them.

It has been a fun journey and an educational process. You learn that it is not as difficult as you thought and you have an idea of what things you would do differently.

I hope to continue writing short stories about growing up in a large family and the things we shared and still share. My joy is to share them with you.

Please visit again.