Moving Forward

My job list has lessened, winter is almost over and another book published on Amazon in paperback and e-book.

Introducing the 2nd Edition with changes made and this time around it was a less stressful way to publish. The process was smooth and they were available for questions.

To see the finished work, you can click on the right to view the 2nd Edition Monkey Toes in paperback along with its e-book companion for Kindle.

There is another bit of paper that has been dusted off and in the works. Let see how long it will take for me to finish this one.

They Have Arrived!

The order that I placed has arrived. Not only can you receive your copy from Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble (links of the right), but now I also have copies on hand. If you are in the area and wish to contact me for a signed copy, please let me know. Please contact me in the comments, this blogs email, or Facebook.

Thank you

Bruce Comeau

Book Order Placed

I placed an order for a large quantity of Monkey Toes to be delivered to the house. Oh, I mean I ordered the book to be printed and delivered to the house.

It is kind of exciting for your first published proof of your book to come to the house from the printers, especially when you were unaware they were sending it. Then to see it listed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. That’s just crazy.

Finally you are given the opportunity to order large quantities of them for others who are requesting them, wild!!

I will keep you posted on when they arrive and are available.

Thanks for reading.