Moving Forward

My job list has lessened, winter is almost over and another book published on Amazon in paperback and e-book.

Introducing the 2nd Edition with changes made and this time around it was a less stressful way to publish. The process was smooth and they were available for questions.

To see the finished work, you can click on the right to view the 2nd Edition Monkey Toes in paperback along with its e-book companion for Kindle.

There is another bit of paper that has been dusted off and in the works. Let see how long it will take for me to finish this one.


Starting a new chapter

My new chapter is retirement. This started June 21, 2019. Just like many people, I have a list of things that should get updated or projects to start.
At this stage I sometime stand and look around deciding which item to do first or I start something that I did not plan.
An example of this was checking out the power washer to ensure it survived the winter in the garage; we live around the Great Lakes and it was cold this season. This turned into cleaning and sealing the deck.
The one item on that list has been to continue creating fun children’s books. I hope to expound on a few ideas that have been in a start mode for some time. I have two book ideas in the wings at different stages. I want to find the best avenue for publishing on a limited budget; self publish possibly.
I hope to be adding more information and updates here as I complete the list I have for myself as well as explore my creative niche.
Talk again soon.

Family Ties

My Kids, how I love them, even as they grow older as Andie and I do it pleases me that they ask for advise once in a while. Finding we share hobbies or are attempting new home projects does hit a warm pocket in this greying boys heart.

Renee’s cutting her lawn on a nice spring day makes me smile.   I related a story about our new neighbor Brian cutting his lawn too. Only just a bit different than her experience.

Next door they’ve been moving in for the last two weeks assorted items from their previous residence, I assume. One item was amusing  to me had to be the riding lawn mower. Brian and his 12 yr old daughter  were moving it off a trailer on Monday. I would have liked to help them unload it, but they seemed to have it handled well enough and I was off on an errand . Surely I thought he wasn’t going to try to cut his grass with a 40″ deck rider. Nah.

Now to understand our city lots are small and the 120’x 40′ includes the house, garage, sidewalks etc. This  lot size doesn’t leave a lot of acreage for lawn or garden so most folks have a push mower to negotiate the grass puzzle that is their lawn.

Andie and I had just finished dinner on Tuesday when I heard him start up the riding mower. Good it runs, Brian had some attachments in his trailer too so maybe he was going to till the garden. When the noise went past between the houses I was surprised, ” He’s cutting the grass with that big mower ?” I said.

We watched as he quickly chopped and scraped the front yard, destroyed half of the dogwood bush and chopped up some lilies of the valley. After running it off the curb and into the street he headed back to the garage between the houses dodging the lilac bush, air conditioner and several down spouts. Amazing was the skill of man and machine in this endeavor at not doing any real damage to his property. Beginners luck? No, the grace of God!

After the once round the yard he resorted to the push mower to rectify the previous run of the rampaging rider. Poor fellow, he had such a determined look in his eye at the outset too.

Someday we’ll laugh about it, but I’ll wait a year or two before mentioning it. Yah, frustration+ time = funny.

Monkey Toes


If you’ve ever wondered what living with a monkey is like, look no further. Monkey Toes is the comical story of a family living with a monkey as a house pet.

Beau Bo is a squirrel monkey, and Michelle and James are the sister and brother who care for him. The book details the many antics that Beau Bo gets into while they are home and away.

Monkey Toes is sure to put a smile on your face. Just wait until you see all the monkey business that Beau Bo gets into!


Available at Amazon 

Monkey Toes

ISBN: 9781609763343

softcover       Page Count: 42        Price: 10.00




I love the heat…

I love the heat, anyone that doesn’t can go sit on the ice come November. We wait all winter to open windows then bang! Everyone wants to shut them up again and kick in the “Air”  What is wrong with some heat folks? Then the hight of it is when folks turn their air to like 60*F, if it was October they would have on the heat if it was that cold.

It was 95* on the deck today so yes our air-conditioner is running, but just to 78* that’s cool.

A Place To Sell

I have been given a great opportunity to sell Monkey Toes within my city limits.
I want to thank Inspired For You, a multi business store made up of talented individuals that bring ideas to life. These people have been adopted by Stacy Tuescher and they are getting a make over and revamping to move forward in sales. And in a sense, so am I.
I am really excited to see this establishment grow and prosper in the year ahead. First will be the weekly Farmer’s Market, then the city festivals like Seafood Fest, German Fest and the Ziegler Jazz Fest as well as everyday in between.
So if you are in the area, please stop in at the corner of Walnut and Main Street in West Bend WI.

Thank you for you interest.

Set Up Shop


It is now official, Monkey Toes is sold at Etsy under the store front of Apple Core. Currently it is the one and only book available, but it is a start. In a short time, I have made a shop tab available for a direct pop-over-to-shop.

Please Like the Monkey Toes Facebook tab on the right column and interact with others on that page.

Thank You

I would like to thank my friends and family who have supported me throughout this process of writing, editing and publishing. It is very exciting to announce to people who have known and loved you most of your life that you have accomplished something out of the ordinary. Their faces light up and they are genuinely happy for your achievement. That makes everything worth the time and energy it took to get there. It makes the it fun also.

When you tell them that the story has bits of things you saw or went through during your life as a kid or young adult, they want to share in that. I had more fun remembering the family gatherings, birthdays, holidays and play times; these all hold a special place in my heart.

I am one of nine children and the funniest thing that is happening since the book’s publishing, is the weird stories and rumors I hear. One sibling told me that he heard that everyone’s name was in the book but theirs. Another one wanted to see who faces were in the drawn pictures and if they were one of them.

It has been a fun journey and an educational process. You learn that it is not as difficult as you thought and you have an idea of what things you would do differently.

I hope to continue writing short stories about growing up in a large family and the things we shared and still share. My joy is to share them with you.

Please visit again.

They Have Arrived!

The order that I placed has arrived. Not only can you receive your copy from Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble (links of the right), but now I also have copies on hand. If you are in the area and wish to contact me for a signed copy, please let me know. Please contact me in the comments, this blogs email, or Facebook.

Thank you

Bruce Comeau